When you heal, we all heal...and so it goes.

"I loved my Reiki session with Jeanie and highly recommend a session to anyone feeling a little lost or unsettled. Jeanie is really nurturing and she aligned my chakras so I felt centered and calm."

- Debbie (in-person Reiki session)

"When my mom told me about coordinating a time for a Reiki session with Jeanie I didn't know what to expect! I am a very spiritual person and strongly believe in good and bad energy so I was very curious what would come out of it. There were so much happening in my session that spoke to true events in my life that I didn't know how to interpret beforehand and the Reiki really helped guide me to what I needed to do next. I remember coming out feeling extremely refreshed and especially relaxed and honestly will need another one of these sessions soon!"
- Chloe (in-person Reiki session)

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"If you are looking for a way to manage stress I highly recommend Reiki from Jeanie. I was not sure what to expect when I had my first session but was absolutely blown away with how effective it was. I have a lot of anxiety and feel it not just emotionally but physically as well. Jeanie creates a relaxing environment and takes time to understand what you are wanting from each session. Her intuition is incredible as she seems to know what I need before I ask and I leave every session feeling like a new person!"
-Jennie (in-person Reiki session)

My Reiki session with Jeanie was probably one of the most healing experiences I've ever had. I felt very at- peace and was at-home in the relaxing environment that she cultivated. It was wonderful to talk through everything that I was feeling. She truly does have a gift and afterwards I felt like I had the courage to work through everything in my life. The weight on my chest dissipated. 
- Rowan (in-person Reiki Session)